viernes, 25 de diciembre de 2015

Feliz Navidad

Yo también hago mi pequeña felicitación navideña

A todos los seguidores del blog, mi hermana Liz 
y por supuesto a Taylor Kitsch 

Os deseo la mejor Navidad y que disfrutéis de unas fiestas
Espero que la paséis junto a vuestros
seres más queridos
y deseo de todo corazón que
el 2016 
llegue cargado de
momentos brillantes para cada uno

Besos y Abrazos para todos
wish you a Merry Christmas to all

Gracias por hacer esto posible 

miércoles, 23 de diciembre de 2015

Merry Christmas to all!!!!

Thx u so much to all for enjoy us work in this fan page to Taylor Kitsch!! All team we want to give a big hug and all our respect to you!!!
For Taylor Kitsch I give you all my respect for you and your family I hope you and your family have a nice Christmas 2015.
To my co-worker: Kate my little sister!! Hahahaha another Christmas together!!! I love you!!!!
I love you too sister!!!
I send to all hugs and Happy Christmas!!!!

martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

jueves, 17 de diciembre de 2015

Nuevas fotos de Taylor encontradas en IG

Crédito a  @taniabecker (IG)
"Look what I found! Tb to 2005 Taylor Kitsch for Tiger of Sweden at BC Fashion Week Key hair: @taniabecker #timriggins @fridaynightlights_ @taylorkitsch_official #truedetective #hbo #model #richards #fashionshow @tigerofswedenofficial"

Crédito a @kamelareynafitness (IG)
"#TBT to that one time I met Taylor Kitsch right here in the H 😍😍😍 #celebrity #taylorkitsch #mancrush #hecanhollaatmeanyday"

y el podcast (sólo es audio)

Pequeño video del podcast grabado en Austin hace unos días

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2015

Taylor Kitsch with fan

#Repost @kate_kitsch with @repostapp
#Repost @lindsaypuckett with @repostapp.
when the stars align & you meet Tim Riggins������#cleareyesfullheartscantlose

#taylorkitsch #kitscharmy #hot #handsome #canadian #actor #sexiestmanalive #mancrusheveryday #taylorkitschworld #taylorkitschforever #taylorkitschisthebest #atx #austin #texas #fanencounter

viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

Fan Art Tim Riggins

#Repost @shaywindsor182 with @repostapp
Riggins �� #TimRiggins #TexasForever #fnl #fridaynightlights #taylorkitsch #babe #blurry #sketch

Tim Riggins T-shirt

#Repost @a_sunny86 with @repostapp
@robinr79 I hear the Sunny girls' Tim Riggins t-shirt is a topic of discussion in the office?

#timriggins #33 #texasforever #panthers #fridaynightlights #classic #tshirt #taylorkitschworld

Tim Riggins doll!!

#Repost @doodles_by_wollam with @repostapp
Dress up your very own Tim Riggins...or not �� #riggins #33 #fridaynightlights #cleareyesfullheartscantlose #timriggins #taylorkitsch @dailyriggins @mistergarf
#taylorkitschworld #taylorkitschforever

jueves, 10 de diciembre de 2015

Nuevas fotos de Taylor

Crédito a @yourdailykitsch en Tumblr
"Former hockey player turned musician Rick Plester with Taylor who will be helping out Rick on his next project."

Crédito a Francisconv Angeelle en Facebook 
“Taylor Kitsch (Famous Hollywood Director/Actor) came to our house for a visit today, he’s going to be working with Rick on his visuals/Video Movie for Ricks New Record.”

lunes, 7 de diciembre de 2015

Podcast en Austin American-Statesman (5/Diciembre/2015)

Taylor de regreso en Austin
grabando un podcast en Statesmans Shots que será
publicado el día 17 de Diciembre

crédito a @omargee (IG)
"That time today when Taylor Kitsch came in to record
@StatesmanShots with us"

crédito a @instalyssa (IG)
"Repost from @omargee during today's #StatesmanShots
podcast & video recording with Taylor Kitsch
Texas (& my job) Forever "

crédito a @yourdailykitsch en Tumblr

crédito a @hellotinaphan (IG)
" Taylor Kitsch (AKA Tim Riggins from Friday
Night Lights!!!) came by the office to record
a #statesmanshots podcast and video with
@omargee @tollym and @instalyssa"

crédito a @tollym (IG) 
" Clear eyes / full hearts / can't lose
Workin' on a weekend for #statesmanshots
but can't say that I mind! "

crédito a @omargee (IG)
"Pretty good Saturday - #Repost @TollyM -"

Taylor en Madison Square Garden (via Tumblr) crédito a yourdailykitsch

"Taylor with a friend and Matt Harvey, New York Mets pitcher at the Colorado Avalanche vs New York Rangers game at Madison Square Garden"
(via Tumblr crédito a @yourdailykitsch)

Más fotos de Taylor en NY ( fotos de fans y con fans)

crédito a @ariellerubin (IG)
" This game just got a lot better #timriggins
#taylorkitsch #avalanche #happybirthdaygabby "

crédito a @elisemcmullen (IG)
" Clear eyes full hearts can't lose
#texasforever <3 "

crédito a @racheldelrae (IG)
"Tim Riggins frorm Friday Night Lights got in a car in front of me
and I started crying. This picture inspires me "

crédito a @racheldelrae (twitter)
" I just took pics of Tim Riggin's butt and I started crying lol "

crédito a @racheldelrae (twitter)
" I just took pics of Tim Riggin's butt and I started crying lol "

jueves, 3 de diciembre de 2015

Taylor con fans y en el partido de hockey de los NY Rangers en NY (02/Dic/2015)

crédito a @alexariech (IG)
"Texas forever <3 Tim Riggins lovin' #FNL #cleareyes "
fuente @yourdailykitsh en Tumblr

cédito a @gnation90 (IG)
" Taylor Kitsch! AKA TIM RIGGINS!!! I probably embarrassed myself
but whatever lol.
He's awesome and talented and I made sure to tell him that. :)
#taylorkitsch #timriggins #fridaynightlights #truedetective "

crédito a @doublel107 (IG)
"#catmug made the rounds at last night's @magrinopr holiday party
Pictured: #somefamousperson "

crédito a @jenniferaliced (IG)
"That time I was in the same building as Tim Riggins
#bestillinmyheart #fnl #barclayscenter "

crédito a @_jajajazzy_7 (IG)
" #taylorkitsch super cool guy :) "

crédito a @chrisdcomedy (IG)
" Lil Taylor Kitsch action 
#fridaynightlights "

crédito a @julieseerpico (IG)
" Texas forever #timriggins #33 "

crédito a @magrinopr (IG)
" We started our #December with the #Magrino holiday party
at @eatstk & a surprise run-in with #taylorkitsch
#nightmade #whataday "

crédito : unknown

fuente @yourdailykitsch en Tumblr